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job visa consultancy madurai



job visa consultancy madurai If you are applying for a H1B visa to the USA, you must know everything about it. The H1B visa permits you to work in the US and is petition based. There are few requirements you need to check for before applying for this visa. Your profile must match every requirement before applying for this visa.

Are you eligible?

The list of requirements begins with having an employer-employee relationship with the petitioning US employer. Next you need to make sure that your profile is a specialty occupation, for which you need to match the specified criteria. The criteria includes the need for your specialty occupation to be related to your field of study.

In the occupation you choose, you should be paid actual or prevailing wage, depending on which is higher among the two. Unless your petition is exempted from numerical limits, your H1B visa number must be available when you are filing the petition. Your eligibility for the H1B visa depends on holding a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree along with few years of work experience in the related field.

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